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Two councils publish league tables on how much agents charge tenants

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New data on how much local letting agents charge in tenants’ fees has been published by the councils of Bournemouth and Brighton & Hove.

The data has come from Generation Rent, and in both cases claims that Leaders charges the most – £624 in both places.

Allison Thompson, managing director at Leaders, yesterday evening told EYE: “We believe our fees represent great service and value.

“We can’t comment on competitors’ fees, and nor would we want to as each company will justify its own service levels.”

The ‘league tables’ now published by the two local authorities show major discrepancies in the fee levels charged.

In Brighton & Hove, for example, two tenants embarking on a tenancy can expect to pay from £200 – less than two-thirds of Leaders’ fees.

The average in Brighton & Hove is £447. In Bournemouth, the average is £432.

The league tables also show which letting agents are not displaying their fees. Generation Rent says it will be undertaking further research in other towns and cities, and is appealing for local volunteers to help.

It says: “Even though the Government says fees are on their way out, we aren’t taking anything for granted and will be continuing to gather information about letting fees in other parts of the country.

“This will help more renters who still have at least a year to wait until fees are banned in law.

“It will also help us strengthen the evidence supporting the reform which we will present to the Government when they invite responses to their proposals.”



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Source:: Two councils publish league tables on how much agents charge tenants