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Woman says challenged review on allAgents is identical to one that has been on Trustpilot for a year

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A reviewer of Purplebricks, who has received an email from allAgents querying whether her review of Purplebricks is genuine, says that an identical assessment is on Trustpilot – where only reviews from verified customers appear.

Joanne Buckley received a note from Martin McKenzie of allAgents which says: “Purplebricks has flagged up your review amongst others as being a fake review.

“In order to combat this allegation, we are asking customers if they could forward us something that supports your relationship with them. Examples could be an email, letter, contract etc.

“Would you be able to assist us by providing this information?”

Last week, allAgents first took down 71 reviews from its site after they were challenged. It has since removed the Purplebricks page altogether.

However, Buckley has told EYE that the challenged review on allAgents was exactly the same as one that she posted up on Trustpilot on September 26 last year.

She said she cut and pasted the review to post up an identical version on allAgents.

Her one-star review can still be seen on Trustpilot.


We have given Purplebricks the opportunity to comment.

Separately, we also asked Trustpilot about the rating carried on its site about allAgents, where it has earned two stars; and also the difference in how the ‘calls to action’ on Google are phrased in allAgents and Purplebricks (see the screengrabs below).

A spokesperson for Trustpilot told us: “At Trustpilot we operate an ‘Open Platform’, that means a consumer is free to review any business if they’ve had a service or purchase experience, including businesses that do not yet have a Trustpilot profile and that includes review sites.

“There are currently over 180,000 businesses reviewed on Trustpilot.”

In response to our second question, the spokesperson said: “The brief call to action text displayed on the Google page varies according to the current Tustpilot rating the company has.

“The reason for the difference you’ve identified is that Purplebricks UK currently has a five-star rating and allAgents has a two-star rating.

“The call to action is different for each of the possible star ratings between 1 and 5. However, it is the same for all businesses, e.g. the text is the same for all businesses with say a two-star rating.”

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Source:: Woman says challenged review on allAgents is identical to one that has been on Trustpilot for a year