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Yorkshire Businessman Loses Case Over Manchester Property Snatch

The High Court rejected claims by a Yorkshire developer this week that he was “robbed” of a Manchester property site by a business rival.

Controversial property developer Trevor Guy claimed that he was left millions of pounds out of pocket when the Manchester brownfield site was “fraudulently transferred” to a company in Gibraltar by lawyers acting for businesman Shaid Luqman in 2004.

He was suing three separate law firms for their valuation of the 47.5 acre Manchester property asset, making the claim in court that they were negligent and “facilitated” the fraudulent transfer of the site to Mr Luqman, who had manipulated the lawyers for his own nefarious ends.

However, presiding judge Sir William Blackburne let two of the firms completely off the hook, and declared that the admission of a “breach of duty” by the third caused Mr Guy no material losses with regard to the Manchester property.

Sir William was also highly critical of Mr Guy’s behaviour as a witness, noting that “it was rarely possible to get a straight answer out of him.”

“Mr Guy ducked and weaved and twisted at nearly every turn. Cracking jokes and making ‘irrelevant comments on the state of the world’,” the judge said that “I had the impression that his conduct both as an advocate in his own cause from his position in counsel’s row and as a witness on oath from the witness box was all part of a grand performance.”

Mr Guy will now have to pay full legal costs.